• 3 Crucial Grounds for the Successful Application for Divorce

    There is a misconception among married couples that when one spouse cheats on the other, physically abuse them, or doesn't pay attention to them anymore, then that is ground enough for divorce. However, this is a misplaced belief, and most spouses end up disappointed when they find out that Australian family court operates under a no-fault regime. It means that when deciding a divorce case, the courts don't consider the fault or guilt of either of the spouses. [Read More]

  • Top 4 Things Your Divorce Lawyer Wants You To Know

    In matters of divorce, it's always best to have a qualified and experienced attorney on your side. For a smooth attorney-client relationship and to get the best value out of working with an attorney, there are a number of things that you will need to bear in mind. 1.    You Do Actually Need A Lawyer You can always choose not to get professional help and go through the process alone. [Read More]