Top 4 Things Your Divorce Lawyer Wants You To Know

Posted on: 23 May 2019

In matters of divorce, it's always best to have a qualified and experienced attorney on your side. For a smooth attorney-client relationship and to get the best value out of working with an attorney, there are a number of things that you will need to bear in mind.

1.    You Do Actually Need A Lawyer

You can always choose not to get professional help and go through the process alone. However, retaining a divorce or family lawyer will make a world of difference to your case. You will have an expert to provide you with the legal counsel and represent you in the proceedings. With a specialist's help, you can rest assured that your interests will be well protected.

2.    Lawyers Are Not The Same

A family member, friend or colleague who has gone through the divorce process may share their experience with their lawyer with you. You should never assume that your lawyer will do exactly as their lawyer did.

The particulars of a case vary from one divorce case to the next. This, in addition to their established way of doing things, will influence how your divorce lawyer will go about handling your case.

3.    Your Lawyer Is Not Your Therapist

A divorce can take quite a toll on you emotionally. You will need emotional support. Unfortunately, that kind of support is not something that your divorce lawyer is best suited to provide.

There will be times when all you will want to do is rant on about the emotional rollercoaster that you will find yourself battling. Best to always rein in the emotions as best as you possibly can and stick to soberly discussing strategy and the way forward.

4.    Your Lawyer Has Other Clients

Yours is, no doubt, not the only case your divorce lawyer is handling. As a professional, your attorney will try to be readily available to you whenever you need them. However, it would be very unreasonable to expect your divorce lawyer to always drop everything to meet up with you every time you want to. Meetings will be as per the agreed schedule. Outside of this timeline, you can expect to hear from your lawyer as and when need be, if something comes up.

The initial consultation is always a good time for your divorce lawyer to discuss these and other points with you. Doing so sets the tone and ensures that you are both on the same page going forward.