Critical Reforms in Pet Ownership Among Apartment Owners and Dwellers

Posted on: 24 March 2022

Pet ownership in Australia is unlike anything else around the globe, thanks to a citizenry that considers pets family members. Today, close to 60% of Australian households have a pet, a statistic attributed to the various benefits of owning a pet. In fact, pets play a critical role in reducing depression, anxiety and feelings of loneliness. Unfortunately, inconsiderate pet laws have been a major hurdle to pet ownership, especially among apartment dwellers, increasing pet abandonment cases. Luckily, efforts are being made to make pet ownership in apartments easy for pet lovers. This article looks at some of the steps property owners take to make pet ownership achievable. 

Power to Apartment Owners — For a long time, pet ownership bans in apartments cut across the board and did not factor in the needs of responsible adults. The blanket pet bans ensured that responsible pet owners could not keep their furry friends in their apartments regardless of whatever safety measures they undertook. Thus landlords and property managers wielded all the power. However, things are changing for the better today since pet laws reforms for apartment dwellers are shifting the balance. For instance, new rules give apartment owners more power to decide what to do in their homes. Therefore, if an apartment owner can prove that their pet will not be a nuisance to neighbours, they should be allowed to move in with their furry friends. 

Reasonable Property Owners/Landlord Conditions — Although apartment owners have a greater say on what they can do in their apartments, acceptance of the request to keep a pet depends on the fulfilment of certain conditions. The requirements are drawn by a property manager or owner corporation and presented to apartment owners. Unfortunately, some conditions are unreasonable and make it virtually impossible for apartment owners to achieve. For instance, the property manager of an apartment complex might require all residents with pets to carry their furry friends away from common areas, such as the lobby, regardless of size. Thus, landlords should draw up reasonable pet ownership conditions for residents in their apartment complexes. 

Consistent Pet Ownership Policies — Tenants are the biggest group hit with inconsistent pet policies across the country. Thus, they are forced to take their pets to animal welfare agencies since their new residence has a pet ban. In addition, some owner corporations and property owners charge tenants with pet fees, a pet bond and cleaning fees. The inconsistencies have a ripple effect on pet abandonment cases. By advocating for consistent policies among property owners and managers, pet owners can freely move with their pets from one type of housing to another.

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