3 Ways of Saving Money on Patent Attorneys

Posted on: 18 December 2015

All the patent rights of your business have to be protected as part of your investment. The patent drafting process and your patent attorney are key features in determining the costs you will incur in protecting your business patent rights. The following tips will give you a better insight and they will save some money when dealing with your patent attorney.

Get the right patent attorney.

Your patent attorney will first give you proper advice concerning your invention to know if it is patentable. Your patent attorney should also be in a position to advise on whether you may apply for a patent that is provisional or non-provisional. A provisional patent application in this case will offer you a simple and cheap way to protect your invention wherein a non-provisional patent application will determine the exact filling date of an invention.

If you want to be allowed enough time to evaluate the commercial worth of your invention, it will be wise to opt for provisional application. This can help you avoid incurring the extra costs incurred to conduct research needed before making a non-provisional application. Getting the right patent attorney will save your money and time by conducting a thorough search prior to the patent application to determine whether or not the application will encounter rejection.

Be open to your patent attorney.

Your will have competitors waiting for the slightest chance to run you out of business. Open up and tell everything to your patent attorney. Explain to your attorney what you intend to achieve by winning the patent rights as well as the fears that you may have as regards possible competitor actions. In the event your attorney is not well versed with the knowledge they should have, your competitors would easily take advantage in a legal setting and challenge you in a court, gaining and sustaining an advantage over your business.

Go for independent patent attorneys.

As you search for better options to hire for your legal patent needs, consideration must be made on whether to choose a large firm that offers full service or an independent patent attorney. Independent attorneys will offer you flexible services by working directly with you and likely offering affordable services. Large law firms may be more expensive compared to private independent patent attorneys because most large law firms usually do not offer direct legal services, but they will instead pass your case to another attorney that is only affiliated with the firm.

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