3 Subtle Signs To Watch For When Selecting A Lawyer

Posted on: 21 August 2015

Selecting a lawyer or solicitor is a big thing because you often have to entrust them with major decisions that affect your life. However, sometimes it's the small subtle things that you need to look out for when choosing one. Below, find three tell-tale signs that show a lawyer or law firm is worth your time and money.

Has helpful support staff

Not many people bother to evaluate support staff in a law firm when looking to hire a lawyer. However, you should. Support staff like receptionists or paralegals play a key role in a lawyer's operations. They are the people you'll be talking to when you call the office. They also have background duties in all cases, e.g. research, handling paperwork and communication. If the support staff is helpful, it means you can expect good results from your lawyer when you work together. Some of the things you should expect from them include: quick response to queries, friendliness and basic professional courtesy.

Asks you how you would like to handle the matter

Despite what predicament you're in, be it a probate matter, divorce, or criminal case, your lawyer should always seek to understand what you seek to gain from their input in a case. Different clients have different needs and your lawyer should be alert to that. For example, in a dispute matter, you may simply want to resolve the issue through mediation instead of going to court. However, your lawyer will only know that if they ask you about your expectations/needs in the matter. Not only should a good lawyer seek your point of view, they also be willing to see it through in the case.

Is honest about your case's outlook

As mentioned earlier, most of the legal issues you are bound to approach a lawyer with are of great significance to your life, e.g. a criminal case, a divorce settlement or a civil matter. It's therefore important that you know what to expect from the process, especially in light of your particular case. After listening to your case, looking over the evidence and evaluating the legality of the matter, a good lawyer should give you an honest opinion of how strong your case is and what you can expect to get at the end of it. After all, not every case wins in court and not every winning party is always 100% successful after a case ends.

If you are in need of a lawyer, pay attention to these subtle signs even as you evaluate other considerations like experience and skill.