3 Times When You Should Consult With a Solicitor

Posted on: 28 April 2015

A solicitor or lawyer is a professional that you should call, not just for criminal matters, but for many different matters relating to business, property, and even your own family. They can ensure that your rights are protected and also protect you and your estate. Note a few times when you should consult with a solicitor and why it's so important.

1. You're preparing a will

There are legal kits you can buy and computer programs that help you to fill out your own will, but doing this without a solicitor can be very shortsighted.

One reason for this is that leaving your money to your family or a charity in your will doesn't mean that they won't need to pay taxes on that money, whereas putting it in a trust or other such arrangement can sometimes reduce or eliminate those taxes. Even with a will, certain people may make claims on your estate if obligations to them are not met.

A solicitor will understand all the laws that affect the wording of a will and how it should be prepared so that everyone you include is protected financially. It can also ensure that your estate is not held up in probate court due to claims from creditors.

2. You're separating from your spouse

You may realise that a solicitor should be called during a divorce so that you can easily address child custody and property division—but it's also good to use their services during a separation. This is because you may want to keep your finances separate during this time, and may need to protect your access to your bank account, the children, and the family home during a separation.

If you were to simply vacate the premises during a separation without a legal agreement in place, your spouse could change the locks and deny you access, and this could make it difficult to get possession of your property in case you decide on a divorce. A solicitor can write up an agreement that works for you during this time so that your rights are protected, whether you and your spouse decide to divorce or not.

3. You're facing excessive debt

A solicitor who specialises in financial matters can advise you on what to do if you are facing excessive debt, so that you can protect your assets. You may want to sign over your house and other property to someone else, or consider some type of bankruptcy filing.

While you may not be able to remove your debt completely after consulting with a solicitor, companies like Nikolovski Lawyers can advise on choices that will make the situation as manageable as possible while protecting your property and assets.