Why You Should Never Convey Property Without Consulting With a Solicitor

Posted on: 19 January 2015

When you convey property or receive this property, you want to ensure you're doing this legally and that you understand the entire process. While it's easy to think you can use a template of a conveyancing agreement you find online and follow instructions you find at a website, there are reasons to consider always consulting with a solicitor first before you start this process. Note the following.

1. Surveys should be done before receiving any land

When you purchase or have land conveyed to you, it's good to know everything there is to know about its physical properties. This means any trees on the property that you may need to clear for construction, the condition of the soil underneath the topsoil, and if there are any endangered species that may be making their home on the property.

These things can all affect your decision for receiving this property or cause to you consider adjusting your offering price. A conveyancing solicitor can ensure that these surveys are done properly and that you have all the information you need so you're making the right decision about your purchase.

2. A title search should be done on the property

A conveyancing solicitor can ensure that a full title search has been done on the property in case there are any outstanding liens or debts for which you might become responsible. This may affect your decision to purchase and your offering price. Without this search being done you may find that your new property is actually seized or another lien is put on it if you don't pay these outstanding debts.

3. There may be surprising requirements that go along with the property

When it comes to construction, you may need an easement to allow you access to the property through your neighbor's property. The property may also be on a flood plain and you need to carry flood insurance on the property if you decide to build on it. A conveyancing solicitor can find out about these requirements before you decide to buy so you know what to expect and if these things will change your decision about your purchase.

4. A solicitor can ensure your paperwork is worded properly

A template of a legal agreement you find online is rarely enough to cover all the details of a legal exchange of property, which is another reason to hire a conveyancing solicitor (like those at Convenient Conveyancing). He or she can ensure your agreement is worded properly and in such a way that you avoid legal conflicts after the conveyancing process is completed.